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Badan Mulia is a Southeast Asian holding company building & investing in Technology, Energy & Natural Resources, Consumer, Real Estate, and Education.

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Web3 & Web2


Analisa.io: Leading social analytics SaaS empowering businesses in 50+ countries

HawkLabs: AI data analytics provider specializing in Web3 development

MonkeVentures: Solana investment DAO

Stealth Web3 Project: TBA


🛠️Helius, 💸TipLink, 🌀Portals, 💬Chillchats, 😻Nyan Heroes, 🔎NFT Inspect, 🪙Magna, 💧MystenLabs, ⚡️Tensor

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⚡Energy & Natural Resources

Nickel mining & trading | Development, Mining and Trading of Nickel Ore in South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Biogas waste-to-energy powerplant EPC | Biogas Electricity Powerplant and Converged Natural Gas EPC for Crude Palm Oil (CPO) mills

O&G services | Oil & Gas Drilling & Exploration Contractor in Indonesia and Mozambique

Rubber trading & exports


Maju Bersama Group | North Sumatra’s largest supermarket chain

Koseda | Beauty & Skincare retail chain

Brisk | Indonesian automotive spark plug distributor

🏡Real estate

Industrial real estate | 200 hectare industrial real estate development in Kawasan Industri Medan (KIM 4)

Residential real estate

Commercial real estate